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A Thousand Flowers offers an unparalleled selection of beautiful, rare, and unusual garden flower seeds to US and international gardeners.


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All seeds are grown on our own land

At A Thousand Flowers we grow every seed variety on our website on our own property. We germinate, propagate, plant, grow, harvest, clean, sort, package, sell, and ship all of our seeds ourselves. We do not buy seeds from elsewhere to sell to you, but we have on occasion, collected them from the wild. Because we take care of everything in-house, we have an extraordinarily high quality-control system to insure that any products we offer you, not only meet our high-standards, but yours. If we are ever unsure about the name of a plant variety, we do not list it, which is to say that all of our seeds are guaranteed to be true-to-name.

Large selection of unique, garden-worthy flower seeds

Our expansive selection of flower seeds suit most any gardening application. We offer everything from the most common annual and perennial border flowers, to cottage-garden and prairie type plants, as well as tree, shrub, and herb seeds. Some seeds are old garden favorites that are more than a century old, while others are brand new to the market, having recently made it through years of professional trials. From beginner home hobbyist gardeners, to master gardeners and professional campuses, we have seeds that are sure to peak your interest and fulfill your gardening needs. You may even be surprised to find plant species that you didn’t even know existed!

Sourced from all over the world

We have graciously cultivated, tested, and collected these plant seeds from all over the world so that we may offer them to you, our discerning customer. A few of the plant varieties on our website can only be found in seed form right here! Seeking out new and novel plant hybrids is our greatest passion.

  • Expansive seed selection

    Our diverse collection offers something for everyone.

  • Seeds guaranteed to be true-to-name

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  • Award-winning varieties

    Garden winners in stock, always

  • Extensive plant photos

    More photos than any other seed bank on Earth.

  • Industry-leading customer service

    We don’t know how to do it any other way.

  • Competitive pricing

    Low prices, daily.

  • Abundant payment options

    Its always your choice.

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    One of the quickest in the industry. Period.